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MRO Resources provides a wide range of raw materials, scrap metals and related equipment used in the melting, alloying and casting of steel and iron.


  • Iron Fines
    • Sourced, blended, and prepared for effective use in cupola, BOF, or electric melting (custom blending with other materials available)
    • On site packaging of fines for effective charging into cupola, BOF or electric melting
  • Carbon
    • Pennsylvania Anthracite for charge and injection
    • Carbon briquettes (briquetted graphitic carbon)
    • Graphite Carbon raisers for ladle treatment or tuyere injection (low-S, low-N)
    • Petroleum Coke
    • Calcined Antracite
    • Lump Baked Carbon for foundry coke augmentation
    • Metallurgical Coke for charge and injection
  • Ferroalloys
  • Silicon
    • SteelSil: High-C Si for ladle applications and deoxidation
    • WB-101: High-C Si for tuyere injection, electric furnace Si, and ladle trim
    • Silicon Carbide (98%, 90%, and briquettes)
  • Lime/Spar
  • Graphite Electrodes (16″ – 14″ – 12″)
  • Steel Shot & Grit
  • Specialized Iron Foundry Scrap/Charge Materials
    • High density, low Mn foundry busheling
    • Shredded plate and structural scrap
    • Steel punchings
    • Pig Iron
    • Staff metallurgist available for consultation regarding materials substitutions and their cost savings potential
  • Aluminum cones for deox
  • Abrasives



  • Toll Packaging or repackaging of materials (superstacks, drums, pails, bags)


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